Software Engineer


Silabus Matakuliah Software Engineer

 Pertemuan 1  Software Engineer
 Pertemuan 2  Project Management
 Pertemuan 3  Waterfall vs Agile Methodology
 Pertemuan 4  Kanban Agile Framework
 Pertemuan 5  XP Agile Framework
 Pertemuan 6  Scrum Agile Framework
 Pertemuan 7  Scrum Values, Roles, and Principles
 Pertemuan 8  Scrum Events
 Pertemuan 9  Scrum Implementation Using Tools
 Pertemuan 10  Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC)
 Pertemuan 11  Automation Testing
 Pertemuan 12  Product Management
 Pertemuan 13  Source Code Management
 Pertemuan 14  Practice

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