IT Essentials


Silabus Matakuliah IT Essentials

 Pertemuan 1  Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware
 Pertemuan 2  PC Assembly
 Pertemuan 3  Advanced Computer Hardware
 Pertemuan 4  Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
 Pertemuan 5  Networking Concepts
 Pertemuan 6  Applied Networking
 Pertemuan 7  Laptops and Other Mobile Devices
 Pertemuan 8  Printers
 Pertemuan 9  Virtualization and Cloud Computing
 Pertemuan 10  Windows Installation
 Pertemuan 11  Windows Configuration
 Pertemuan 12  Mobile, Linux, and OSX Operating Systems
 Pertemuan 13  Security
 Pertemuan 14  The IT Professional


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