Tips & Trick

  1. XAMPP – Upload File diatas 2 MB
  2. CPANEL – Upload File diatas 2 MB
  3. Membuat QRcode dengan Google Sheets
  4. Membuat QRcode dengan QRcode Generator
  5. Mendapatkan HTML Code FlagCounter dan StatCounter
  6. Remote Console Port with Putty
  7. Mendapatkan HTML Code Embed Youtube, Google Map & Google PDF
  8. Ispring – Powerpoint to Flash (*.exe)
  9. Boot Camp Assistant – Dual OS MAC and WINDOWS
  10. HFS (Http File Server) – File Sharing
  11. Mendapatkan HTML Code Embed Google Docs, Google Sheets dan Google Slides
  12. Validasi Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual
  13. Web Server Localhost – Install MoWeS Portable II (Modular Webserver System Portable)
  14. XAMPP – Apache port 443 in use by VMware Workstation
  15. Footprinting – Melacak IP Website
  16. Google Maps – Latitude & Longitude
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